5 Fun Free Things to Do In Your City

How is it already mid-July? How have I not blogged for six months? I would apologize to you, but I’m not going to. I’ve had other priorities that have taken up my time! You didn’t miss me that much, did you?

In the summer it’s so important to get outside. Even if when it’s just a 10-minute walk over lunch, it matters so much! I love stepping away from my computer and I love getting a little vitamin D over my lunch break at work. Sometimes it can be tempting to be a “homebody” and stay in, work on a few things, etc. But taking an hour or two to explore your city will be well worth it! I’m not asking you to blow a whole Saturday. The dishes, laundry, windows and so on can wait. Don’t you think? I want to share a few tips for free (or almost free) things to do in your town!

  1. Explore local historical sites. I’m a nerd and like to learn about that kind of stuff. Hey, you might learn something!

Mill City Ruins, Minneapolis, MN

2. Explore a local city park. Go biking, walking, jogging, rollerblading and so on through a local park in your area. I prefer to walk since I’m dangerous on wheels. The leaves, trees and flowers are at their peak this time of year. Why not enjoy it all?

Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, MN

3. Visit an arboretum or flower garden. Take a morning or evening stroll through gorgeous flowers, shrubs and so on. The best part? No weeding or watering required! Leave that up to the pros. By the way, how gorgeous are these hot pink roses?

Lyndale Rose Garden, Minneapolis, MN

4. Hit up a local farmers market. So you don’t have to buy anything, but I would! Even bring $5-10 dollars. It’s way more fun than your usually grocery store route. I like to stock up on the weekends so it forces me to make dinners at-home during the week.

Minneapolis Farmers Market

5. Pack a picnic for the park. So this also isn’t necessarily free, but it’s cheaper than going out to eat! Am I right? If a whole meal overwhelms you, pack lemonade and snack instead. You’ll still enjoy the fresh air while munching on crackers, apple slices or whatever you prefer.

Have I convinced you yet? Are you going to step outside? I sure hope so.

PS – Can you tell that I’m a huge advocate of the Minneapolis Parks? 🙂

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Fall in Minneapolis


Quite honestly, fall in Minneapolis is looking mighty fine. A few Saturday mornings ago I walked around Minnehaha Park and Falls. (Can I just say I need someone to volunteer to vigorously bike with me in the cheesy two-person bikes? Thanks!!)

The photos I’m sharing with you don’t do justice to how rich and vibrant the leaves’ colors were in real life. You know how that goes though. Some things things look better to the eye then they do to a phone camera. Well, nonetheless, enjoy my fall photos! And please visit this park whenever you’re in Minneapolis. I actually enjoyed it far more now in October compared to when I visited this summer and there were 1,000 mosquitos chomping on my legs. (Maybe I was there a bad day??) Anyways, yay fall!

wpid-img_20141011_140508_525.jpg wpid-img_20141011_141057.jpg wpid-img_20141011_140949.jpg

wpid-img_20141011_140436_348.jpg wpid-img_20141011_141223.jpg

Whoa, Someone Tell Summer to “Slow Down!”

Okay that’s the semi-weirdest headline I’ve ever written. Let’s just roll with it. Where is summer going? Does anyone agree with me that it’s slipping through our fingers? Instead of telling summer to “SLOW DOWN!!” I should be slowing down myself. Maybe I’m taking June wrapping up too seriously. It’s only June after all and not September.

These are the things I want to appreciate and make time for:

– Free movies in the park. Minneapolis has free movies in the park most days of the week – I’ve got to take advantage of this. I went to one movie last year. One. I can do better, right?

– Rooftop and patio bars/restaurants. 

– Walking/biking around the lakes. Let’s be honest, I’m not running. I’ll let the fancy-old-men-show-off bikers pass me. Sorry I have a day job and actually work. (Below is a picture I snapped of Lake of the Isles — my favorite lake in Minneapolis.)

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis
Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis

– Outdoor concerts! You know, the ones where you’re outside and the sun is beating on your face but you continue to love every minute of it.

– Pools. I don’t have a pool but I know two people who have pools. Maybe they’ll let me hang out.

– Reading outside/having coffee hour on a weekend morning. 

Well, that’s some of my bucket list! I’m sure if I sat here for an hour I could keep going and going. What do you want to do more of this summer?

The Northwoods

Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend I shared a lodge with 10 girls for my best friend’s bachelorette party. Let’s just say it was amazing. I laughed harder than I’ve laughed in months. Lots of drinks and dancing. 🙂 It makes me wish all of my friends could be in one spot again. There were a few friends who couldn’t make it, so I’m pretty pumped to see them at the wedding in a month! It’s going to be great!

While I was up north, I took a few photos of Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Isn’t it beautiful?





Stay Warm, MN Friends!

I think most of my readers are family and friends here in Minnesota, but for those of you who aren’t, let me bring you up to speed with our weather. Schools were cancelled state-wide for Monday due to the extremely cold weather. Some businesses are even closing their offices because of how cold it is! Brrr! So, if you must leave the house, here are a few outfit ideas that make the bitter cold a little more bearable.

Infinity scarves.

e539a479e41c2e08feed70208539eacfJackets and flat boots.

a5c31b4983aa064f34dd63aa47bb6e0cSlouchy hats and warm cardigans. 

7540956c2ca06800bd7fe17d68c19a70 (1)

Now bundle up and stay warm!