Fall in Minneapolis


Quite honestly, fall in Minneapolis is looking mighty fine. A few Saturday mornings ago I walked around Minnehaha Park and Falls. (Can I just say I need someone to volunteer to vigorously bike with me in the cheesy two-person bikes? Thanks!!)

The photos I’m sharing with you don’t do justice to how rich and vibrant the leaves’ colors were in real life. You know how that goes though. Some things things look better to the eye then they do to a phone camera. Well, nonetheless, enjoy my fall photos! And please visit this park whenever you’re in Minneapolis. I actually enjoyed it far more now in October compared to when I visited this summer and there were 1,000 mosquitos chomping on my legs. (Maybe I was there a bad day??) Anyways, yay fall!

wpid-img_20141011_140508_525.jpg wpid-img_20141011_141057.jpg wpid-img_20141011_140949.jpg

wpid-img_20141011_140436_348.jpg wpid-img_20141011_141223.jpg


4 thoughts on “Fall in Minneapolis

  1. Aw fall! I only wish I’d had more time to enjoy it. I really wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, but that didn’t happen for me this year. Luckily I can enjoy the changing colors no matter how busy I am! 🙂

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