Why I’d Be the Best Cat

Over the last week I’ve been stumped about what to write. So instead of getting all serious, I thought I would write something fun. I’m not going to say much, but I wanted to tell you that I would make a very good cat. First off, I love food. Like, a lot. I could always go for a snack…and so can cats! I also love sleeping–and I’m dang good at it too! I can sleep 10-12 hours at a time over the weekend.

This is how I feel every morning.

how I feel every morning.

I also really enjoy sitting in the sun (inside and outside).

If I were a cat, I’d go on cool adventures outside.

Lastly, I would always let my owners hold me. I would only be fiesty and sassy…sometimes.

Well guys, that’s all I have for this light-hearted post. What kind of animal could you be?


Cat Lady at 23


Well, there you have it. I’m admitting to being a cat lady in my twenties. Why wait my whole lifetime to be a cat lady? Why not just own up to it now?

Besides, it’s better to love cats when you’re young and you can actually lift and pet them frequently. You can rescue them from spooky neighbor cats or sun on the deck with them in the summer. Could an old lady version of myself do these activities? Probs not.

I may have introduced my cat before, but I’ll do it again just to be safe. The lovely calico you see pictured above is my cat Mixie! She’s fifteen-years-old and weighs 10 pounds (that’s two pounds more than a gallon of milk!). She was heavy for me to lift at the tender age of nine (see the left photo). There’s no way I could pick her up as an old lady! Well, I maybe would be able to but I think it’d be a struggle fest.

By the way, I don’t think becoming a “cat person” or a “dog person” is something you can decide. I think you’re born one way or you grow up one way. I’ve got a lot more to say about cat and dog people. Check out an earlier post of mine if you haven’t already.

I’ll leave you with a few words…Cats rule! (unless you’re allergic)

Why “Cat People” Deserve a Break

I seriously brace myself when I tell someone I’m a “cat person” for the first time. I’ve been this way my whole life. 90 percent of the time the reaction from the other person goes like this:

(in a snotty, disapproving voice) “Really? I’m more of a dog person.”

(in an irritated voice while they snap cheap gum) “I don’t care for cats. I’m allergic.”

(in a rude voice with a dead pan face) “I hate cats.”

What would happen if I said I hated dogs?? Oh, I’ll tell you what would happen. I would get jumped and all my best craft scissors would be used to cut holes in my fave mint hoodie! (Before you get too nerved up, don’t worry. I like dogs so this scenario will never happen.) But seriously, how come people can freely say they hate cats but no one can say they hate dogs? Whenever I say I like cats more than dogs, I make the other person have a perplexed look on their face…which means I have to explain myself.

IS THERE ANYTHING WORSE THAN HAVING TO EXPLAIN YOUR LOVE FOR CATS TO SOMEONE WHO HAS ALREADY JUDGED YOU? The answer, my friend, is no!! No. No. No. The good thing is that 10 percent of the time the other person does indeed appreciate and love cats. Then you instantly have a special connection with that person, which is great!

mixieTime out: This is my cat, Mixie. She’s fifteen, fiesty, and loves sleeping (pictured above).

Maybe some of us have loved cats since before we could remember. Maybe some of us played house with kittens instead of dolls (OK that happened like twice but it adds drama to my story). Maybe some of us simply like cats and shouldn’t need to defend ourselves.

I know I can’t change the world and make everyone like cats. I hate all reptiles. That won’t change. However, I do want dog lovers to give cat lovers a little more slack. We like dogs too! We just like cats…more. All I have to say is thank God for that 10 percent of people who understand me.