Yellow Things and Pretty Things

My page views are pathetic. I know it’s because I haven’t given you anything to work with. Am I right?? We haven’t talked about yellow things or pretty things in a while. Let’s cover that. Get ready to drool over a few pics I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest, like:

Sintra, Portugal. One day I’ll visit Portugal and it’ll be the best trip of my life.

Sintra, Portugal

The perfect yellow-and-blue-polka-dot outfit.

 Would you look at this? Yellow pants! I think I could winterize this outfit and find yellow cords.

What if everyone had bright-colored refrigerators? Things would sure be different.

  Oh, this bedroom is a keeper. Almost too good to be true.

I love everything that has to to with her outfit (and coffee in-hand) with the exception of the ripped jeans. Even a yellow accent is an outfit game changer.

See, now you’ll leave my blog feeling a little bit happier. You can thank me later.


Really, Really Obsessed with Yellow

Once you get to know me, I’m sure you’d figure out real fast that my favorite color is yellow. I just love it. It’s the happiest color to exist. I’m really into sunny yellow, lemon yellow,  mustard yellow and most other yellows.

In honor of my obsession, I thought I’d share my top five yellow pins from my “All Things Yellow” Pinterest board. Enjoy!

this yellow bed frame

this yellow bed frame

this fall outfit

this pillow + chair combo

this pillow + chair combo

this maxi

this skirt

this skirt

Well, there’s my yellow speech. Thanks for stopping by! So, is yellow your favorite color yet?