How to Make Halloween Lanterns

Last year around this time I decorated three mason jars with a handful of supplies I had around the house. Actually, the only thing I had to buy was multicolored tissue paper. ┬áSo when you think about it, this craft was pretty inexpensive. I love crafts that require a small number of supplies. Otherwise I get caught chasing around Michael’s and visiting with strangers (yes, that happened a few times and an old lady gave me great tips for painting grapes on wine glasses even though I didn’t ask her for advice).

Halloween mason jar lanterns

Halloween mason jar lanterns

Anyways, here are my mason jar lanterns! Aren’t they cute? You can find the step-by-step directions from the Our Best Bites blog. The examples had tea lights in each lantern, which looked super cute, but I have trust issues with tea lights. I always get paranoid they’re going to explode or spill everywhere like lava. Instead of tea lights I strung white Christmas lights to give my lanterns a nice glow.

Let me know if you ┬ámake your own Halloween lanterns. I’d love to see how they turn out!