Yellow Things and Pretty Things

My page views are pathetic. I know it’s because I haven’t given you anything to work with. Am I right?? We haven’t talked about yellow things or pretty things in a while. Let’s cover that. Get ready to drool over a few pics I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest, like:

Sintra, Portugal. One day I’ll visit Portugal and it’ll be the best trip of my life.

Sintra, Portugal

The perfect yellow-and-blue-polka-dot outfit.

 Would you look at this? Yellow pants! I think I could winterize this outfit and find yellow cords.

What if everyone had bright-colored refrigerators? Things would sure be different.

  Oh, this bedroom is a keeper. Almost too good to be true.

I love everything that has to to with her outfit (and coffee in-hand) with the exception of the ripped jeans. Even a yellow accent is an outfit game changer.

See, now you’ll leave my blog feeling a little bit happier. You can thank me later.


Thoughts: Comparison

I came across this recently and it struck me. I’m definitely guilty of getting wrapped up and caught up in other people’s lives. (Hence why I’m making myself check Facebook less often.) I need to keep reminding myself that I’m doing my own thing, and other people are doing their thing. And it’s okay. 

I needed to see this again. And who knows, maybe there’s a chance you do too. 

I’m Dreaming of a Big Kitchen

Since graduating college, I’ve come a long, long way in the kitchen. Not only can I cook meat without screaming (and begging my roommates to help me), I am trying out different recipes left and right. Now I can (sometimes) cook more than one thing at once without using the microwave, or making a complete disaster. I don’t cringe with fear anymore when people eat something I’ve made.

So, where am I going with this? Well, I’m going to share a few kitchens I absolutely love! People spend such a huge chunk of their lives in the kitchen, from cooking to eating to chatting. At my parent’s house, everyone gravitates towards the kitchen, it’s the heart and center of our home. It’s where we laugh, dance and celebrate everything.

Someday I want a big kitchen with white cabinets and an open floor plan. Here’s what I’m eyeing right now:

A breakfast nook is a must-have element for my dream kitchen. My grandpa had a nook in his kitchen and it was amazing!

a little breakfast nook

My favorite bright kitchen essentials will be on display for sure. Why hide beautiful dishes and mugs behind cabinet doors? As long as you stay organized and tidy, your kitchen won’t look like a yard sale.

bright kitchen

My kitchen will be stocked with unforgettable bowls, mugs, plates and so on. If you accessorize your bedroom and living room, why not fancy-up your kitchen?

"Modernist" bowls from West Elm

“Modernist” bowls from West Elm



textured dip bowls

textured dip bowls


tea kettle

And now for more kitchens…

subway tile and exposed shelving

another solid coffee bar.

a solid coffee bar


Hi! I have hardwood floors and teal cabinets. Sue me.

an open floor plan kitchen

unexpected cabinets and lots of windows

That last one was a little wild but that’s OK. I love it! Anyways, what are your kitchen dreams?

A Super Yummy (and Healthy) Chickpea Recipe

You know how on Pinterest you save recipes and over time completely forget to make any of the recipes you’ve saved? Well, last Monday I sifted through all of my cooking pins and found a recipe that looked very tempting. I wanted something that was dairy-free (for me) and vegetarian (for my roommate), so we could both eat something fun while we watched The Bachelor with glasses of red wine.

We made this delightful cilantro lime chickpea salad from the Oh She Glows blog.

IMG 6377   Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad & Sweat Wicking Workout Wear

Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad // Image and recipe source: Oh She Glows

If you like cilantro or lime or anything with a bit of bite, this recipe is for you! We were obsessed. I had leftovers for lunch the next day and I was (sadly) counting down the hours until I could eat it again. Is that embarrassing to admit? Whatever. As a team we whipped up the salad and served it over brown rice so our meal would be a little more substantial.

IMG 6376 2   Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad & Sweat Wicking Workout Wear

Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad // Image and recipe source: Oh She Glows

YUM. This recipe is probably  meant for summertime but I don’t see a problem with eating it in the winter. Speaking of cooking, what’s on your menu for the Superbowl this Sunday? Last year my buffalo chicken dip was a flop so I’ll need to think of something new.

A Few of My Favorite (Christmas) Things

So it’s the day after Christmas. Technically Christmas isn’t over for me until after I celebrate with 60+ relatives on my dad’s side this weekend. Let’s just say last year’s get-together was the biggest party of the year, in my opinion. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not quite finished blogging about Christmas just yet.

Here are a few pretty cards, crafts, and things I absolutely love:

mini wreath garland // The Merry Thought

mini wreath garland // The Merry Thought

Poppytalk Handmade // Artist: MAPLE AND BELMONT

Poppytalk Handmade // Artist: MAPLE AND BELMONT

neon tags // M&J Blog

neon tags // M&J Blog

Merry Christmas // Whit & Whistle

Merry Christmas // Wit & Whistle

splatter wrappings // instagram: goforthcreative

splatter wrappings // instagram: goforthcreative

What are a few of your favorite Christmas-y things?

Let’s Organize My Jewelry

Every morning I waste at least three minutes scrambling around and searching for the perfect necklace, a set of earrings or a handful bracelets. Things are tangled. Earring backs are lost. There is no rhyme or reason to my necklaces. I have a beautiful jewelry box that holds my smaller necklaces, but it doesn’t hold everything.

Within the next month or so, I’m going to upgrade my jewelry station around my dresser. My statement necklaces and long gold necklaces are so pretty–they should be displayed! Here is a little inspiration I’ve found on Pinterest:





I already have a cork board to use, I just have to find the perfect frame to paint. So, how do you keep your jewelry organized?

Country Girl Wannabe

OK, so let’s be real here. I’m a total country girl wannabe. I’ve lived in cities my whole life and now I’m a resident of Minneapolis, which means I’m  the farthest thing from a real country girl. I do, however, appreciate country living and hope to move to the quiet country someday. I’ve loved country music since kindergarten (back when Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw were just gettin’ started) and have always loved visiting my cousins’ farms. I used to tag along for rodeos, attend 4-H meetings and run around the farm helping with chores.

I’m not saying I’d fair well on a farm, I honestly have no idea how I’d do. When push comes to shove, I don’t know if I’d be able to handle the (sometimes) harsh weather conditions and physical labor day after day. What I do know is that my farmhouse would be decorated absolutely beautifully.

So, here are a few of my favorite country-inspired pins from Pinterest.






So at this point in my life, I’ll continue to appreciate all things country.

Really, Really Obsessed with Yellow

Once you get to know me, I’m sure you’d figure out real fast that my favorite color is yellow. I just love it. It’s the happiest color to exist. I’m really into sunny yellow, lemon yellow,  mustard yellow and most other yellows.

In honor of my obsession, I thought I’d share my top five yellow pins from my “All Things Yellow” Pinterest board. Enjoy!

this yellow bed frame

this yellow bed frame

this fall outfit

this pillow + chair combo

this pillow + chair combo

this maxi

this skirt

this skirt

Well, there’s my yellow speech. Thanks for stopping by! So, is yellow your favorite color yet?