Quiz: What’s Your Home Decor Style?

Sassy-inspired decor by HomeGoods

So I recently took this quiz by  HomeGoods that tells you what your home decor style is. How fun, right? That being said, I need you to TAKE THE QUIZ HERE and come back to my site so we can talk. It’ll only take you a minute.

Tell me…what’s your home decor style? I was crossing my fingers I’d get “Farmhouse glam” or “New country” but I ended up with “Sassy” — which is truly more me. I need to keep telling myself that I’m not an actual country girl, I’m just a country girl wannabe. Besides, Sassy has all of the bright colors and patterns I typically gravitate towards.

Who is Sassy?

Sassy is just that! She couldn’t be short on personality if she tried. She expresses herself with playful colors, fun patterns, and an unabashed boldness—all acquired at very savvy prices. She knows her style, and she’s not afraid to take risks and have fun. When you visit a Sassy friend, you can’t help but smile.

My second runner-up style was Boho (pictured above). Hello bold! I could never do all of those patterns at once, but I’d pick out a few key pieces. I also love how this quiz gives suggestions for entertaining, shopping and gifting with your style. Maybe I’ll share quizzes on here every once in a while. Who doesn’t love a quiz?


Gearing Up for Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts over the Thanksgiving weekend. I took a break from most social media (besides Pinterest of course) and spent quality time with my family. It was great getting out of the office for a few days. A change of scenery is always good. I got to catch up (and laugh my head off) with family friends and high school friends–which was much needed. I see my college friends all the time, but I worry about losing touch with friends who live more than 10 miles away.

I decorated my parents’ house for Christmas over the weekend and last night my roommate and I decorated our apartment. Well, we started decorating our apartment with a few hand-me-down decorations. I bought few decorations after Christmas last year and I want to do that again this year. My roommate and I are going to pick up a real tree, lights and ornaments later this week! I’m super pumped. I haven’t had a real tree for Christmas since I was a little kid. Like since before double digits.

I’m also planning on making a few Christmas crafts. Yes. Christmas crafts. No, I’m not all talk. I’m actually going to do it! I’ll put my crafts on here. Just you wait.