Wait, Christmas is Over?!

(Disclaimer: I meant to publish this weeks ago and completely forgot! Better late than never…)

I can’t believe Thanksgiving, Cookie Day(s), Christmas, a Minnesota Vikings game, a New Years Wedding and more are all over! I’ve been looking forward to so many events with family and friends — now they’re all wrapped up. I loved, more than anything, having a few days off from work so I could hang out at home with my family.


Now we’re well into January which, for me, is the hardest month of the year! In Minnesota it’s been -7 degrees + a wicked windchill which does not make me a happy person. This month is cold and dark but I’m getting through it – everyone is.

Now I need to plan a few crafts and actually follow through with them. That’s something I can do inside! I’ve been pretty into adult coloring books lately so that’s been my latest activity while watching TV or listening to music.

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday. Stay warm!



Stay Warm, MN Friends!

I think most of my readers are family and friends here in Minnesota, but for those of you who aren’t, let me bring you up to speed with our weather. Schools were cancelled state-wide for Monday due to the extremely cold weather. Some businesses are even closing their offices because of how cold it is! Brrr! So, if you must leave the house, here are a few outfit ideas that make the bitter cold a little more bearable.

Infinity scarves.

e539a479e41c2e08feed70208539eacfJackets and flat boots.

a5c31b4983aa064f34dd63aa47bb6e0cSlouchy hats and warm cardigans. 

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Now bundle up and stay warm!

Why Your Outfit Does Matter

I am not a morning person. I, like anyone else, know how hard it is to scoot out of bed and find the strength to plan a great outfit. It’s horrible, but you know what? It’s worth it. When you walk out of the house and you feel comfortable and confident, you’re off to a great start. With a kickin’ outfit, you have a positive outlook on the day. Am I right?

No, your outfit doesn’t have to be the most amazing outfit ever. It doesn’t have to have expensive price tags. Heck, it doesn’t have to be brand new. Just mix and match what you’ve got, try new combinations, accessorize like crazy. When you go shopping, buy one pair of shoes or a cardi or a necklace that’s out of your comfort zone. When you add that piece with the stuff you normally wear, it won’t look so “out there” anymore.


Why am I giving you this pep talk you ask? Why am I being so pushy? I’ll tell you. I wore two (in my opinion) kick-ass outfits to work the last couple of days. I carried myself differently. I was more productive and more positive. Maybe it’s because it’s been really busy, but I also think my attitude and outlook had something to do with my great outfits.

No, I’m not going to post photos of the outfits. They really weren’t very cool at all. But who cares! I felt great because I made an effort and created new outfit combinations, and strayed away from black.

All I’m saying is don’t make excuses for yourself. Don’t give into the freezing cold weather. Don’t give into how tired you are. Don’t give into wearing frumpy or wrinkled clothes. Be proud of your outfits! It’ll change your outlook for the day. I know it’s not possible to try hard everyday, but don’t give into the vicious cycle of never, ever caring about how you look. You won’t regret it.

Serious about Sweater Season

It’s mid-November in Minnesota. You know what that means? Sweater season! It’s time to dig out your totes of sweaters and thick cardigans from the back of your closet. Whoo hoo! I love sweaters (not wool ones though…too itchy) for many reasons, but mostly because they’re super warm and they’re appropriate for almost any situation. Hoodies are warm too, but they’re not always the fanciest.

I think I need a fall/winter wardrobe refresher real soon. So, here are a few styles I have my eye on:



Can you tell I’m craving patterns?




Just because it’s (eventually) going to get cold and miserable outside doesn’t mean my outfits have to suffer too.