My Undying Love for Sweet Corn

I’ve been blessed to have sweet corn three times this summer already. SO BLESSED. I love sweet corn, which is why I’m devoting a whole post to it. I love everything about it – the shucking, the dripping hot butter, the generous amount of salt, my greasy face…just everything. I don’t mind shucking the corn, it makes it that much more rewarding. HARD LABOR – I WORKED FOR THIS! Not hard labor, but you know what I mean. People sometimes complain about the flossing but who cares. I already floss everyday anyways.

When I was a rambunctious kid with absolutely no digestive concerns, I’d easily eat four ears of corn in one sitting. ONE SITTING. I couldn’t imagine doing that now, but how amazing would that be?

When I had braces on my teeth from 7th grade to 9th grade, I dreamed about sweet corn. I’m not kidding. Sweet corn would bleed into my dreams. I couldn’t have it but I wanted it sooooo bad. The with drawl was almost too much to bear. Yes, I cut it off the cob and sadly ate it with a spoon but it wasn’t the same. I felt so left out and empty inside. Some kids with braces complained about not being able to eat gum, caramel, popcorn and so on. All I wanted was sweet corn. Piping hot sweet corn.

But here I am today, eating sweet corn and happy as a clam. It really isn’t summer without bright yellow sweet corn. Maybe I’ll have more tonight. What’s your favorite summer food?


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