Three Grammy Red Carpet Trends to Steal

Last weekend when the Grammys were on, I saw a few beauty trends I knew I just had to write about. I didn’t catch the entire awards show (since I get really antsy after two hours), but I saw a good part of it. Anyways, enough about my TV habits, here are a few red carpet looks from I want to steal and attempt to pull off this year:

I do not own any of these photos. I’m borrowing all of them from


Miranda Lambert at the 2014 Grammy Awards,

I love Miranda Lambert’s Hollywood glam makeup look. Holy crap! She looks like a million dollars, literally. Let’s work on sporting bold red lipstick and loose retro curls to be just like her. And don’t forget the bright statement earrings.


Taylor Swift at the 2014 Grammy Awards,

Words cannot express how much I love Taylor’s dress. She looks mature and classy while still staying modest. Modesty always gets bonus points in my book. This reminds me I don’t have a gold or champagne-colored dress…that might be something I need to invest in this year.


Katy Perry at the 2014 Grammy Awards,

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Katy Perry’s bun is a little loud. But don’t let that distract you from checking out how stunning her makeup is. I love the light eye shadow paired with a soft pastel lip color. I think this makeup look would work well for spring or for a casual date night.

So there you have it! Those are my favorite looks from the Awards. What did you like the best?



Single Girl’s Guide: Rocking New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve! The one day of the year that many single ladies like myself dread. So I’m here to help you out! I have a few tips for making this year–and any night in the future–a breeze.

A Single Girl’s Guide to a Rocking New Year’s Eve

Sport bold lipstick. Own it, girl. This can be a scary jump, but it’s totally worth it. Believe me, this is coming from a chap stick connoisseur (that was really hard to spell). I can count eight different chap sticks I’m using now. But to make my point, bold lipstick is a must-have for New Year’s! Kick off the new year with an eye-catching smile.

bold lips

bold lips

Listen to a girl-power playlist. You’ve gotta play pump-up music either getting ready or at the party you’re going to or hosting. There’s nothing like a little Beyoncé or Kelly Clarkson to make you feel all bubbly. Thought Catalog has an amazing single ladies playlist for NYE I might just use all year round.

Make a photo booth. If you’re hosting a party, make your own photo booth and take fun photos with crazy, crappy New Year’s Eve party hats and props. Support dollar stores around the world! Can I just say I’m obsessed with this example from Oh Happy Day?

DIY sequin photo booth

DIY sequin photo booth

Eat whatever snacks you want. Let’s be honest, you’re not kissing anyone at midnight, so show that buffalo chicken dip who’s boss!

Decide your own plans. Don’t get stuck into doing what all the couples are doing or what your parents are doing or what you did last year. “It’s tradition that we usually…” WRONG.  As a single girl, this is the only time in your life you can make (or avoid) plans without having to consider someone else’s schedule. When you have a husband and kids someday, you’re going to get roped into attending a lame basement party where the squeeze  cheese runs out before 10 p.m. and someone’s kid explodes Capri Sun all over the carpet. (If that’s your kind of scene, don’t get mad at me! I used to love that too but I was 8-years-old and not a 20-something living in the city.)

Primp. Shave your legs, paint your nails, actually wash your hair–do whatever makes you feel glamorous. You don’t need anyone but you to appreciate it.

glam nails

glam nails

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you. Chin up, look fabulous and have a great, safe and happy new year!

Makeup Makeover at Macy’s

This morning I chugged my coffee and caught an earlier bus to arrive at the downtown Minneapolis Macy’s right when their doors opened. Why do you ask? They are having a 1-day sale (which extends to tomorrow morning, so technically a 1 and 1/2 day sale) with lots of great deals. I saw a Clinique makeup bag set for $39.50 in the weekly ad I just had to have.

Clinique "Party Favours" Makeup Set

Clinique “Party Favours” Makeup Set

So there I was, waltzing through Macy’s at 8 a.m. on a mission. Usually when I go this Macy’s I’m on my lunch break, so I’m wandering around without a purpose. If you haven’t been to this Macy’s, you need to go. There are so many floors (about 10?) and they’re all so brightly lit and the staff members are very helpful. The eighth floor has a Holiday theme now that anyone can go tour. I might take my parents there this weekend. If I do, I’ll definitely share Christmas explosion photos with you all.

Before I got sidetracked I was trying to tell you this…I ended up buying myself the makeup set you see here. Merry Christmas to me (early)! I usually wear crappy makeup when my Mary Kay stuff runs out, so I thought it was about time for me to upgrade being I’m a 23-year-old working girl and all. I think it was a pretty great deal for nail polish, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. The best part? The hot pink and purple makeup bag! I love really bright things so this bag is right up my alley.

I’m thinking the darker eye shadow will make my eyes pop. Bam. Sometime I feel like my eyes are hidden behind my brown glasses and dark eyebrows. Maybe I’ll give myself a mini-makeover some night this week. Maybe you won’t even recognize me!  Maybe the dark cranberry lip gloss will make me look sophisticated. Like a woman who leisurely sips red wine, chats politics and throws her head back when she laughs. (I don’t know if lipstick can change your persona, but here’s to hoping!)

I gotta know: Do people buy themselves Christmas gifts? Am I really weird for doing this?