A Little Inspiration

Hey friends! I saw this little baby on Pinterest last week and ever since it’s been speaking to me. This quote can mean something drastically different to each and every one of us. So, I’m leaving it with you for a tiny taste of inspiration for the week. Take on Monday with positive energy! 🙂


When Will I Ever Take Working Out Seriously?

I don’t know what’s worse: working out vigorously and wanting to die… or never working out and wishing you were working out but then thinking about how much you’d want to die if you were working out. It’s seriously a lose-lose situation. I hate working out. “You gotta find something you like! Then it won’t feel like working out!”

Oh really, sweating your face off and having your lungs nearly collapse feels good? That’s a feeling you welcome? Not me, no way. “But you’ll feel so good once it’s over!” No I won’t. The second I’m done working out, whether it was at the gym, running outside, biking, or trying to keep up with a cheesy Tae Bo DVD (don’t laugh), I’m already starting a countdown to the next time I have to work out. There’s no “runner’s high” for me. I instantly start dreading the next session. When I did have a gym membership, I would get extremely crabby just thinking about the gym. See, that’s lame. I don’t want to hate being at the gym AND thinking about the gym.

work it

work it

So, what’s a girl to do? I’m not stupid. I know there’s 1,000 benefits to consistent exercise. I’m the kind of person who’s all in for a few months…or all out for a few months. I swing back and forth. Will I ever be able to work out consistently? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s because I don’t excel at sports or activities. I have to try really, really hard not make a fool of myself playing PIG with my brother. Maybe I always quit because I don’t try long enough to see the results I want. But how long is long enough? How can I stop giving up?

I guess this whole “gym” thing is on my mind because the holidays are coming up and I’m going on vacation in January. You know how the holidays are! One more cookie, one more drink, one more plate… it doesn’t end. You make excuses for the special treats that are only around one time a year. I can’t go hog wild with treats though. I want to look good and feel good on vacation. Does that make sense? This post is kind of emotional but you can handle it, right? You’re not going to bail on me now, are you?

Please tell me you hate working out too. If not, what’s your motivator? How do you keep going and going and going? Isn’t it exhausting? (pun intended)

DISCLAIMER: I’m going to get defensive because this is my blog and I can do what I want. I just want to add that I’m not an entirely unhealthy person. I eat my fruits and veggies, cook many of my own meals and never, ever skip out on breakfast. I eat (fairly) healthy besides the sweets…I just have a hard time with the workout stuff.