Pumpkins, Beers and Bismarck

wpid-img_20141004_145234_368.jpgMy mom and I took a road trip out to Bismarck to visit my brother last weekend. We had so much fun! We tried out a few local bars, shared apps at a delicious Mexican restaurant with killer margaritas, visited the Heritage Museum and explored a pumpkin patch. The Heritage Museum really went there when it came to history. At first I saw a Native American exhibit which really fascinated me, but then I turned the corner and they had a dinosaur exhibit — see what I mean how they really went there? Then there was a glacier exhibit that explained the Midwest’s geography and Minnesota’s lakes. So what I’m saying is that they really, really covered their bases with North Dakota history and it was great!

We enjoyed walking around Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in Bismarck. There were hundreds of kids running around and doing kid things like screaming and tackling their brothers and sisters. I should have challenged Justin to King of the Hill on the massive pile of tractor tires, but I resisted. Mom and I each took home an acorn squash. I’ll have to bake it this week! We walked through a kid-friendly corn maze so I didn’t get lost because it was right at my eye level. Thank goodness.

Like I said in the beginning, it was a great weekend! My mom and I laughed and laughed in the car — she’s a hoot! Now I’m looking forward to seeing more of my brother this fall with weddings and concerts.


Badlands Beauty

So a few weekends ago I took a short trip out west to Bismarck, ND to visit my brother. He’s working out there and I was dying for a chance to visit and take a little road trip. We explored Bismark and checked out bars, restaurants and parks. He makes a great tour guide!

My favorite part of weekend was driving out even further west to Medora, ND to see the Teddy Roosevelt National Park. I LOVED IT. From badlands to prairie grass to bison to prairie dogs — this park has it all! My brother and I would drive around and stop every so often and climb out of our cars. We loved hiking and walking up hills or through prairie grass just to get a better view. It’s one thing to look at the badlands from your car, but it’s another thing to walk out 10 minutes away from your car and take it all in. 


It’s places like these that remind me how small we really are in this world. I mean I would stand up on a hill and see nothing but badlands, grass and valleys for miles and miles and miles. There was one point where it was nothing but badlands in every direction when I spun around 360 degrees.


Don’t we make cute explorers? 


I took this photo of Justin above “the gorge” where we kept making Lion King jokes and sang to a buffalo. I think the buffalo appreciated the gesture. 



How beautiful are these wild horses? They were only a few feet away from our car. 

wpid-wp-1409072313514.jpeg(I saved the best for last.) This is my favorite photo from the trip. I took like 20 more photos but they all start to look the same after a while. I highly recommend visiting Teddy Roosevelt National Park! I’m looking forward to going back some day.