Wanted: Tips for Reaching 10,000 Steps

I bought a FitBit on Black Friday and I’m already learning a lot about myself and my lifestyle only having it a few weeks. I knew, even before wearing a FitBit, that I sat around most of the day having a desk job. I had no idea though how very little steps I take throughout the day. I used to justify my sitting-guilt with, “Well, I get up to refill my coffee or go to the bathroom!” or after work I would say to myself, “Well, I stood the entire time I cooked dinner!” But even standing up, here and there, isn’t enough.

Now that I have a few weeks of data under my belt, I’m going to take charge and really try to hit the recommended 10,000 steps a day. No matter how stressed or exhausted I am. No matter if it’s snowing outside or if it’s a lazy Sunday. No more excuses!

I’ve also found it fascinating looking at my sleeping habits. When I put away my Kindle and turn off the lights, I automatically add up how many hours I have to sleep until my alarm goes off. What I never considered, though, is that it takes a few minutes (or a while in some cases) to fall asleep, and I sometimes start to wake up earlier than when I’ve set my alarm. And just because I’m lying in bed doesn’t mean I’m getting restful sleep. With my FitBit, I’m able to see when I actually fell asleep, how many times I was restless (I move around a lot) and how many times I woke up. I’m realizing that I need to turn off the lights earlier so I can get a full 8 hours of sleep repeatedly, not just on the weekends. I need to make sleep a priority.

I think over the course of the next few months I can improve my overall well-being by paying attention to both my activity and my sleep. Do you have any tips for reaching 10,000 steps? Any ideas for squeezing in more steps here and there? I’d love to hear them.


My Decision to Get Healthy

Stay Motivated

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Remember a few months ago when I wrote a really lengthy heart-felt post about how I’m never going to take working out seriously? Well you won’t be believe this but…I joined the YMCA last week! You read it right. I joined a real-life gym! Not a claustrophobic-prone, mirror-obsessed wannabe gym that only offers cardio and weight lifting machines. (Clearly I’m hostile to those gyms because they didn’t work for me but that’s OK! Not every gym is going to work for everyone.)

The Y has tons of cardio machines with TV screens in each individual machine. THIS IS KEY. Then I can watch whatever the heck I want and my neck won’t be craned focusing on a small TV across the gym with boring shows on like sports (unless it’s the Vikings or Twins), the news or screechy reality TV like the Kardashians. No thanks. The great thing about the Y is that it has a pool and sauna, locker rooms and fitness classes. I’ll have lots of options to stay active and I won’t get bored. This means I’ll hopefully keep going after two months!

Anyways, you might be thinking, “Where did all of this motivation come from? How did she manage to do a complete 180 since January?” Well, after vacation I decided I needed to change something. I was feeling sluggish and tired all of the time. The meals I was cooking after work weren’t very impressive, nor were the lunches I was packing. My clothes (fun clothes and work clothes) were getting tighter and tighter. So that’s when I thought I’d do a five-day trial with Y and see how I felt after a few days of working out. Even after working out lightly on the elliptical a couple of times and attending two Zumba classes (where my butt got kicked, HARD), I already felt better!

Now I’m working out to get healthy. I’m working out to be confident and strong. 

I’m only on my second week of working out, but hopefully I can keep up the enthusiasm for exercising and experimenting with healthy out-of-my-comfort-zone recipes. I just wanted to bring you along for the journey.

When Will I Ever Take Working Out Seriously?

I don’t know what’s worse: working out vigorously and wanting to die… or never working out and wishing you were working out but then thinking about how much you’d want to die if you were working out. It’s seriously a lose-lose situation. I hate working out. “You gotta find something you like! Then it won’t feel like working out!”

Oh really, sweating your face off and having your lungs nearly collapse feels good? That’s a feeling you welcome? Not me, no way. “But you’ll feel so good once it’s over!” No I won’t. The second I’m done working out, whether it was at the gym, running outside, biking, or trying to keep up with a cheesy Tae Bo DVD (don’t laugh), I’m already starting a countdown to the next time I have to work out. There’s no “runner’s high” for me. I instantly start dreading the next session. When I did have a gym membership, I would get extremely crabby just thinking about the gym. See, that’s lame. I don’t want to hate being at the gym AND thinking about the gym.

work it

work it

So, what’s a girl to do? I’m not stupid. I know there’s 1,000 benefits to consistent exercise. I’m the kind of person who’s all in for a few months…or all out for a few months. I swing back and forth. Will I ever be able to work out consistently? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s because I don’t excel at sports or activities. I have to try really, really hard not make a fool of myself playing PIG with my brother. Maybe I always quit because I don’t try long enough to see the results I want. But how long is long enough? How can I stop giving up?

I guess this whole “gym” thing is on my mind because the holidays are coming up and I’m going on vacation in January. You know how the holidays are! One more cookie, one more drink, one more plate… it doesn’t end. You make excuses for the special treats that are only around one time a year. I can’t go hog wild with treats though. I want to look good and feel good on vacation. Does that make sense? This post is kind of emotional but you can handle it, right? You’re not going to bail on me now, are you?

Please tell me you hate working out too. If not, what’s your motivator? How do you keep going and going and going? Isn’t it exhausting? (pun intended)

DISCLAIMER: I’m going to get defensive because this is my blog and I can do what I want. I just want to add that I’m not an entirely unhealthy person. I eat my fruits and veggies, cook many of my own meals and never, ever skip out on breakfast. I eat (fairly) healthy besides the sweets…I just have a hard time with the workout stuff.