Whoa, Someone Tell Summer to “Slow Down!”

Okay that’s the semi-weirdest headline I’ve ever written. Let’s just roll with it. Where is summer going? Does anyone agree with me that it’s slipping through our fingers? Instead of telling summer to “SLOW DOWN!!” I should be slowing down myself. Maybe I’m taking June wrapping up too seriously. It’s only June after all and not September.

These are the things I want to appreciate and make time for:

– Free movies in the park. Minneapolis has free movies in the park most days of the week – I’ve got to take advantage of this. I went to one movie last year. One. I can do better, right?

– Rooftop and patio bars/restaurants. 

– Walking/biking around the lakes. Let’s be honest, I’m not running. I’ll let the fancy-old-men-show-off bikers pass me. Sorry I have a day job and actually work. (Below is a picture I snapped of Lake of the Isles — my favorite lake in Minneapolis.)

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis
Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis

– Outdoor concerts! You know, the ones where you’re outside and the sun is beating on your face but you continue to love every minute of it.

– Pools. I don’t have a pool but I know two people who have pools. Maybe they’ll let me hang out.

– Reading outside/having coffee hour on a weekend morning. 

Well, that’s some of my bucket list! I’m sure if I sat here for an hour I could keep going and going. What do you want to do more of this summer?


2 thoughts on “Whoa, Someone Tell Summer to “Slow Down!”

  1. I totally know where you’re coming from…or at least I think I do. Working a full time kind of takes the “feeling” you expect out of every season. Like I feel like I’m waiting on some significant feeling to signify that it really is summer and I can start having crazy amounts of fun now, but it’s not coming.

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