Yellow Things and Pretty Things

My page views are pathetic. I know it’s because I haven’t given you anything to work with. Am I right?? We haven’t talked about yellow things or pretty things in a while. Let’s cover that. Get ready to drool over a few pics I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest, like:

Sintra, Portugal. One day I’ll visit Portugal and it’ll be the best trip of my life.

Sintra, Portugal

The perfect yellow-and-blue-polka-dot outfit.

 Would you look at this? Yellow pants! I think I could winterize this outfit and find yellow cords.

What if everyone had bright-colored refrigerators? Things would sure be different.

  Oh, this bedroom is a keeper. Almost too good to be true.

I love everything that has to to with her outfit (and coffee in-hand) with the exception of the ripped jeans. Even a yellow accent is an outfit game changer.

See, now you’ll leave my blog feeling a little bit happier. You can thank me later.


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