I’m Dreaming of a Big Kitchen

Since graduating college, I’ve come a long, long way in the kitchen. Not only can I cook meat without screaming (and begging my roommates to help me), I am trying out different recipes left and right. Now I can (sometimes) cook more than one thing at once without using the microwave, or making a complete disaster. I don’t cringe with fear anymore when people eat something I’ve made.

So, where am I going with this? Well, I’m going to share a few kitchens I absolutely love! People spend such a huge chunk of their lives in the kitchen, from cooking to eating to chatting. At my parent’s house, everyone gravitates towards the kitchen, it’s the heart and center of our home. It’s where we laugh, dance and celebrate everything.

Someday I want a big kitchen with white cabinets and an open floor plan. Here’s what I’m eyeing right now:

A breakfast nook is a must-have element for my dream kitchen. My grandpa had a nook in his kitchen and it was amazing!

a little breakfast nook

My favorite bright kitchen essentials will be on display for sure. Why hide beautiful dishes and mugs behind cabinet doors? As long as you stay organized and tidy, your kitchen won’t look like a yard sale.

bright kitchen

My kitchen will be stocked with unforgettable bowls, mugs, plates and so on. If you accessorize your bedroom and living room, why not fancy-up your kitchen?

"Modernist" bowls from West Elm

“Modernist” bowls from West Elm



textured dip bowls

textured dip bowls


tea kettle

And now for more kitchens…

subway tile and exposed shelving

another solid coffee bar.

a solid coffee bar


Hi! I have hardwood floors and teal cabinets. Sue me.

an open floor plan kitchen

unexpected cabinets and lots of windows

That last one was a little wild but that’s OK. I love it! Anyways, what are your kitchen dreams?


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