A World-Famous Peanut Butter Ball Recipe

You’re going to be glad you stopped by today after my five-month hiatus! I’m sharing my mom’s world-famous peanut butter ball recipe. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic but these balls are sooooo good. I look forward to making (and eating!) them every Christmas.

And the best part? They’re super straightforward to make and no oven is needed! Add this recipe to your roster for Christmas cookie baking for this year or next.


“Reeses” Peanut Butter Ball Recipe


  • 1/2 cup of melted butter
  • 2 cups of powdered sugar
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1-2 packages of chocolate almond bark
  • Mini cupcake liners


  1. Mix butter, powdered sugar and peanut butter together in a large bowl.
  2. Chill in refrigerator.
  3. Roll dough into balls once chilled
  4. Melt almond bark in a separate microwave-safe bowl
  5. Put melted chocolate in the bottom of the mini cupcake liners, add ball, then cover ball in melted chocolate
  6. Let balls chill
  7. Enjoy!!

Tip: I like to make the balls on the smaller side because this treat can get very rich once submerged in almond bark.

Tip: The ingredients above make about 1 batch which equals roughly 50 balls  – depending on how big you make them.

Tip: It’s naturally a gluten-free cookie recipe! Okay, let me rephrase that – there’s nothing natural about these balls but the ingredients are all gluten-free.

Well, how about that? Let me know what you think of them!


Cheers to Summer!

Mmmmm.... how about that sweet tea vodka lemonade?

Mmmmm…. how about that sweet tea vodka lemonade?

It’s hard to believe the 4th of July was last weekend already. Come to think of it, it doesn’t worry me too much though. I’m not in school anymore, which means summer doesn’t have to end in August. Actually, September usually still feels like summer!

So far my summer has been filled with busy weekend plans, weddings with family, birthday parties for friends, long walks around Lake Calhoun and Netflix bingeing on Friday Night Lights. (Go Panthers!) All good things I love!

It’s no surprise that weeknights and weekends get filled up so quickly in the summer.  However, I’m getting better at saying “No, I can’t!” to plans when I’m feeling double or triple booked. It’s hard to say no, but there’s no use overwhelming myself – especially if I’m not really “there” and I’m thinking about the next place I need to be. I think the second half of summer here I’ll have a chance to lock-up my suitcase in the closet, which will be great. Then I can spend more time exploring Minneapolis and St. Paul!

What do you have on the radar for the next few weeks of summer?

Uppity People and So On

Hey there! It’s been forever. Remember my social media pet peeves post from a while back? Somewhat related to that, let’s run through a few things and situations that drive me batty:

  • Bikers who have no regard for cars and pedal ever-so-dangerously wherever they want. I’m all for sharing the road, but don’t weave in front of my car and give me heart palpitations.
  • People who judge you for your food choices. This has become an epidemic for me since moving to Minneapolis. Let people eat what they want to eat. I’m sorry you never ate Pizza Rolls as a kid – sucks to be you! Kids shouldn’t be worried about calories, preservatives and whatnot. Let them be kids! And give adults (like me) a break if we want to eat can soup or pasta every once in a while!
  • People who are uppity about traveling. “YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO NEW YORK???” Okay, traveling is a luxury, not a given. Stay humble and keep that in mind.
  • People who physically distance themselves from you the second you mention you’re sick or that you’re feeling a cold coming on. Jumping back with your hands in the air or abruptly wheeling your computer chair away is not going to change anything. It’s rude and wildy dramatic.

Moral of the story: Smile and be nice to people!! We all, myself included, can be more conscience of our actions and words. Who knows what I say and do that drives other people batty. 🙂

*End rant*

Photo Friday: Spring Happenings

Hey there! Miss me?? It’s been a little quiet here on the blog. I’m sharing a few photos to bring you up-to-speed with what’s being going on in my life. My weekends have been surprisingly busy and jam-packed. I realized I’ve been “on the road” four weekends in a row.

Earlier in March my mom and I went to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. What a treat and an unforgettable Christmas present! Everything was magical from the costumes to the orchestra to the choreography. We had a ball! I can still hear the flute… “Do do do do dooooooo.”

Disney’s Beauty & the Beast

In March I road-tripped out to Bismarck to visit my brother with one of my best friends. We visited different bars and restaurants, explored hiking trails and relaxed too. We had a great weekend! Lots of laughs. I could be in a desert with those two and have the time of my life. I also came across a pink and yellow lemonade-themed display in Hobby Lobby and wanted everything. (Which reminds me, I need to get around to making that marquee light so I can show you.)


I love pink and yellow so much … I’m even wearing it!


My brother and I at a rooftop bar that used to be a green house — great atmosphere!

I went home for Easter weekend and had a relaxing weekend with my family. I loved spending time with them! We washed cars one day and our cat, Mixie, even pitched in. She likes sitting on the car mats once they’ve been freshly vacuumed. How thoughtful, right? 🙂


Mixie soaking up the sun.


My brother and I riding four wheelers in the yard.

Well, that’s all that’s going on with me right now! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This time of year I always emphasize that I’m a quarter Irish. (And around Oktoberfest in the fall I always show off that I’m mostly German!) Today I’m wearing a green shirt, shamrock earrings and green eyeshadow. How’s that for festive?

Here’s one of my favorite prayers — an Old Irish Blessing — to get you through today.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Have a great day!

Marquee Lights Are All the Rage

I haven’t crafted for about a year. Ouch! Does everyone go through a rocky stage with their hobbies? Can you still call something your hobby if you’ve taken a year hiatus? wpid-img_20150220_232848.jpg

I guess I haven’t crafted for a while because I move so often, and every craft I make I know I’m going to have to pack it up. But, who cares! Throwing that mindset out the window here. What’s one more box? What’s one more trailer load? (I can see my parents holding their breath now…hehe) It’s cold and dark out, which means it’s the perfect crafting atmosphere.

I keep seeing marquee lights everywhere. Even at the bar last weekend, marquee lights! I decided it was time to use up a gift card from Michaels and I bought this letter “J” to craft. How adorable would this be in my room? I’ll work on it this weekend and put up “Before and After” pics for you. Stay tuned!

What crafts are on your wish list?



Starbucks and city sidewalks.

Earlier this month, I had one of the best weekends of my life. A few of my college friends met in Chicago for my friend’s birthday. What a beautiful and vibrant city. Any ways, the group of us all lived in the same dorm freshman year of college, on same floor, and just four consecutive doors down from each other.  Cool, right??

So in Chicago, we packed everything we could into a three-day weekend. We went shopping, visited coffee shops, ate dinner at TGIF’s, tried a few brews at a beer house, ate brunch a local hot spot, and explored downtown Chicago. We stayed one night downtown (Can I add that I’d love to live in that hotel room forever??) and went to our friend’s improv show (hilarious!), followed by karaoke and then over to a dancing bar.

All dolled up and ready to hit downtown.

All dolled up and ready to hit downtown.

This dancing bar was awesome, unlike any place I’ve ever been to. There were three dance floors and non-stop music. We ended up dancing for four hours to “Wedding Music” or “Dad Music” as I like to call it. All the good stuff from ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and so on from Michael Jackson to classic rock to a bunch of other stuff I’m blanking out on. Believe me, in the four hours we were there, there were only two songs I didn’t recognize. Two! And since we were there for so long, we made friends with other friend groups on the dance floor, which made it feel like our own party. We owned that dance floor. 🙂

As you know, maintaining and keeping long-distance friendships is hard, so getting together is always exciting and much-appreciated. Within the first few hours of being there, my sides already hurt from laughing my head off. We shared stories and talked about things I’ve completely forgotten about. I love when you can pick up right where you left off with friends. I’m already looking forward to seeing these girls again next winter! Until then, I’m happy we have our Bachelor Fantasy League gossip about and keep us connected.

The Eyebrow Game

Ever since I was 12, I’ve been up to bat at the Eyebrow Game. It’s a dangerous game. I’ve spent countless hours in front of the mirror tweezing, shaping, grooming and landscaping my eyebrows. I’ve gone through stages of over plucking and stages of hardly plucking. They look fine now but it’s taken years of work. I think I’m finally winning the Eyebrow Game. Yay!

You know how I know this? Big and bold eyebrows are now in style. This isn’t news. Every time I flip through a magazine, I see more and more ads for eyebrow pencils, brushes, tools, etc. Even on the internet there are videos everywhere for filling in your eyebrows and shaping them. I’m always struggling to keep mine in check and under control, and here the nation (or world?) is pushing for bold and big eyebrows.

I don’t have a problem with this trend at all, it’s less work for me. I actually LOVE it. I welcome it. I just find it a little funny. If only I could write a letter or send an AOL Instant message to my 12-year-old self and tell her it’s going to be okay. Big, but maintained, eyebrows will be in style someday so ease up on the fussing. You will survive this and it will work out.

Adios for now!