Tips for Letting Go of Your Stuff

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been on a cleaning and de-cluttering kick lately. Or even if you haven’t, I have a few suggestions for donating your stuff. Yes – stuff that’s junk or nasty should be tossed (ain’t nobody got time for that!) – but items that are in good use can be donated to all sorts of organizations in your neighborhood.

I’m a pack rat hard core. It’s bad and something we can dig into more explicitly at a later date. (Example: I recently let go of sweatpants from high school that wouldn’t even come close to pulling over my butt. I almost ripped a whole through the crotch just trying to jam them on. Oops!) However, I let go of things easier when I know someone else can benefit from my stuff. I sometimes fear that if I get rid of my beloved stuff it’ll just collect dust at Goodwill and Savers or it’ll go straight to a landfill. Is that lame?

Here are a few places that would benefit from your new and/or gently used products:

Animal Shelters – Dry and wet cat and dog food (in original packaging), pet carriers, food dishes and more. Some will even take your never-ending stash of plastic bags that they can reuse for litter boxes. Don’t forget to visit the pets while you’re there!

Women’s Shelters – Many women’s shelters take women’s clothes, children’s clothes, new toiletries, new paper products, gently used kitchenware , bedding and more. You know that pencil skirt that’s a little too snug for comfort and makes you look pregnant? (We’ve all been there, okay maybe just I have!) Donate it to a local women’s shelter for someone to look great and feel confident for job interviews, court dates, and so on. Same with those work heels you bought that don’t really work for you at all.

Winter Coat/Clothing Drives – Lots of communities have winter coat and clothing drives to collect used coats, hats, mittens, scarves, etc to donate to people in need. Before you toss out those mittens, pass them onto someone else who’s fighting the elements with little to no protection.

Of course there are way more places to donate your stuff, but this is just a list to get your brain working. Another idea is that when you’re at Target with a coupon for Buy One Get One Free on beauty products, personal care products, toiletries etc. consider giving the second product to a homeless or women’s shelter to help someone in need.

Okay, I’ll stop being so pushy. 🙂 Good luck with the de-cluttering!


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