Cheers to Summer!

Mmmmm.... how about that sweet tea vodka lemonade?

Mmmmm…. how about that sweet tea vodka lemonade?

It’s hard to believe the 4th of July was last weekend already. Come to think of it, it doesn’t worry me too much though. I’m not in school anymore, which means summer doesn’t have to end in August. Actually, September usually still feels like summer!

So far my summer has been filled with busy weekend plans, weddings with family, birthday parties for friends, long walks around Lake Calhoun and Netflix bingeing on Friday Night Lights. (Go Panthers!) All good things I love!

It’s no surprise that weeknights and weekends get filled up so quickly in the summer.  However, I’m getting better at saying “No, I can’t!” to plans when I’m feeling double or triple booked. It’s hard to say no, but there’s no use overwhelming myself – especially if I’m not really “there” and I’m thinking about the next place I need to be. I think the second half of summer here I’ll have a chance to lock-up my suitcase in the closet, which will be great. Then I can spend more time exploring Minneapolis and St. Paul!

What do you have on the radar for the next few weeks of summer?


2 thoughts on “Cheers to Summer!

  1. For once I am thrilled that summer is passing by so quickly! Keep it coming! Relaxing and exploring sounds amazing too, and hopefully we’ll be caught up on house projects soon and can do the same around KC in the final weeks before baby! 🙂

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