Uppity People and So On

Hey there! It’s been forever. Remember my social media pet peeves post from a while back? Somewhat related to that, let’s run through a few things and situations that drive me batty:

  • Bikers who have no regard for cars and pedal ever-so-dangerously wherever they want. I’m all for sharing the road, but don’t weave in front of my car and give me heart palpitations.
  • People who judge you for your food choices. This has become an epidemic for me since moving to Minneapolis. Let people eat what they want to eat. I’m sorry you never ate Pizza Rolls as a kid – sucks to be you! Kids shouldn’t be worried about calories, preservatives and whatnot. Let them be kids! And give adults (like me) a break if we want to eat can soup or pasta every once in a while!
  • People who are uppity about traveling. “YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO NEW YORK???” Okay, traveling is a luxury, not a given. Stay humble and keep that in mind.
  • People who physically distance themselves from you the second you mention you’re sick or that you’re feeling a cold coming on. Jumping back with your hands in the air or abruptly wheeling your computer chair away is not going to change anything. It’s rude and wildy dramatic.

Moral of the story: Smile and be nice to people!! We all, myself included, can be more conscience of our actions and words. Who knows what I say and do that drives other people batty. 🙂

*End rant*


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