Photo Friday: Spring Happenings

Hey there! Miss me?? It’s been a little quiet here on the blog. I’m sharing a few photos to bring you up-to-speed with what’s being going on in my life. My weekends have been surprisingly busy and jam-packed. I realized I’ve been “on the road” four weekends in a row.

Earlier in March my mom and I went to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. What a treat and an unforgettable Christmas present! Everything was magical from the costumes to the orchestra to the choreography. We had a ball! I can still hear the flute… “Do do do do dooooooo.”

Disney’s Beauty & the Beast

In March I road-tripped out to Bismarck to visit my brother with one of my best friends. We visited different bars and restaurants, explored hiking trails and relaxed too. We had a great weekend! Lots of laughs. I could be in a desert with those two and have the time of my life. I also came across a pink and yellow lemonade-themed display in Hobby Lobby and wanted everything. (Which reminds me, I need to get around to making that marquee light so I can show you.)


I love pink and yellow so much … I’m even wearing it!


My brother and I at a rooftop bar that used to be a green house — great atmosphere!

I went home for Easter weekend and had a relaxing weekend with my family. I loved spending time with them! We washed cars one day and our cat, Mixie, even pitched in. She likes sitting on the car mats once they’ve been freshly vacuumed. How thoughtful, right? 🙂


Mixie soaking up the sun.


My brother and I riding four wheelers in the yard.

Well, that’s all that’s going on with me right now! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


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