Marquee Lights Are All the Rage

I haven’t crafted for about a year. Ouch! Does everyone go through a rocky stage with their hobbies? Can you still call something your hobby if you’ve taken a year hiatus? wpid-img_20150220_232848.jpg

I guess I haven’t crafted for a while because I move so often, and every craft I make I know I’m going to have to pack it up. But, who cares! Throwing that mindset out the window here. What’s one more box? What’s one more trailer load? (I can see my parents holding their breath now…hehe) It’s cold and dark out, which means it’s the perfect crafting atmosphere.

I keep seeing marquee lights everywhere. Even at the bar last weekend, marquee lights! I decided it was time to use up a gift card from Michaels and I bought this letter “J” to craft. How adorable would this be in my room? I’ll work on it this weekend and put up “Before and After” pics for you. Stay tuned!

What crafts are on your wish list?


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