The Eyebrow Game

Ever since I was 12, I’ve been up to bat at the Eyebrow Game. It’s a dangerous game. I’ve spent countless hours in front of the mirror tweezing, shaping, grooming and landscaping my eyebrows. I’ve gone through stages of over plucking and stages of hardly plucking. They look fine now but it’s taken years of work. I think I’m finally winning the Eyebrow Game. Yay!

You know how I know this? Big and bold eyebrows are now in style. This isn’t news. Every time I flip through a magazine, I see more and more ads for eyebrow pencils, brushes, tools, etc. Even on the internet there are videos everywhere for filling in your eyebrows and shaping them. I’m always struggling to keep mine in check and under control, and here the nation (or world?) is pushing for bold and big eyebrows.

I don’t have a problem with this trend at all, it’s less work for me. I actually LOVE it. I welcome it. I just find it a little funny. If only I could write a letter or send an AOL Instant message to my 12-year-old self and tell her it’s going to be okay. Big, but maintained, eyebrows will be in style someday so ease up on the fussing. You will survive this and it will work out.

Adios for now!


4 thoughts on “The Eyebrow Game

  1. Ugh eyebrows! I forget about mine until I’m dressed up for something and out in public and the light is just right and I’m reminded that I’ve neglected them for a few weeks…But I’m glad someone is winning the game!

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