My One-year Blog Anniversary!


Hey guys! This month marks my one-year anniversary in the blog world! Yeehaw! Here’s what I figured out (based on site stats and in-person convos):

– My real-life friends and family love it when I write sassy and feisty things.

– The people I don’t actually know in real life like it when I write about crafts and single lady tips. (Thank you! It’s encouraging!)

– I don’t feel guilty anymore when I only blog once a week.

– (The most important part) This blog is a great way for my long-distance cousins and friends to keep tabs on me!

So, cheers to one year blogging! Now that it’s getting darker outside earlier, I may be more inclined to blogging more frequently. Also, please let me know what you want to read about! Since is this a lifestyle blog, I sometimes lose vision about what I’m going to write about — as it could be virtually anything!

TTFN and thanks for reading!


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