Funny Moment of the Week

Okay so last night I went to the Arby’s drive-thru. (Don’t judge! You caught me at a weak moment.) I asked the intercom: “What’s your healthiest option that’s not a salad?” The lady responds, “Oh ma’am. Everything is healthy here! It’s not like we’re serving burgers.”

(I almost bust out in laughter.)

Ohhhhh, okay. So greasy curly fries and a pile of warm meat counts as healthy? Well shoot!

I responded (a little too loudly and eagerly – nearly shouting – and if I’m acknowledging that I’m almost shouting I know must have almost been shouting), “Well in that case, give me a Roast Beef Classic with curly fries and a Sierra Mist!!!”

They sent me off with my combo meal and a menu/calorie chart for next time. I drove away laughing. Maybe this isn’t that funny typed out but it was really funny in-person. And my meal was great, by the way.

Happy Friday everyone!!


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