Sticking Up for Girls with Glasses

I read a few stories about girls and glasses on Hello Giggles (like 20 Struggles People with Glasses Will Understand by Gina V.) and it got me fired up … in a good way.

I’m thinking back a few scenarios in college when I refused to wear my glasses — halloween and two semi-formal dances — because I wanted to look “pretty.” I can’t believe I’m even admitting I did that. Barf. How humiliating. Anyways, if I could write another letter to my younger self … THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH WEARING GLASSES. Glasses are a part of your life and a part of your style. They’re cool! Taking off your glasses doesn’t magically turn you into a new person. Putting on glasses isn’t like wearing a full-on face mask. People can still see who you are! 

Rachel R. at Hello Giggles has a great post (read Why Won’t Pop Culture Accept that Women in Glasses are Beautiful?) about how unfair it is that actresses in movies usually ditch their glasses when it’s extreme makeover time. Once I started thinking about it, this bugged the crap out of me. Why do glasses always have to be the first thing to go? (Remember in Princess Diaries when he snaps her glasses in half? IN HALF.)

You and me, we can’t control how they make movies. But we can control how see ourselves (pun intended!) in glasses. We shouldn’t ever be saying negative things when we have our glasses on — whether we’re a part-time glasses wear or a full-time glasses wearer. Make sense? Own it! Rock it! Live it.

I hope to someday get contacts because they have their perks, but right now I’m not ready for them. And that’s okay.

*End rant.*


2 thoughts on “Sticking Up for Girls with Glasses

  1. ok i laughed out loud at this one. as a full time glasses wearer with no hopes or dreams of really ever wearing contacts, i appreciate this post. just today somebody asked me if i would wear my glasses on my wedding day…um hello yes! i look like an alien without them. i never even think twice about having glasses. ps. i looooove your new ones and can’t wait to try them on (pretty please?)!

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