Three Situations Where People are the Worst Versions of Themselves

If I’m being entirely honest, people in this world can be really great, but sometimes they can be total grouches. Am I right, or am I right? You might be wondering what the heck I’m getting at. Let’s set the stage here.

I believe there are a few situations where people become the worst forms of themselves. The nice, friendly, I’m-a-good-person-that’s-contributing-to-humanity side of them is buried and the bossy, control freak, self-centered and irrational side of them is unleashed. A few examples:

MOVING DAY. Oh, you know this one all to well. People get ruthless when it’s time to move. People get very controlling and nit-picky about all of their crap. It’s all going from one place to another so relax if the spatula goes missing for two hours. YOU WILL FIND IT. Just be thankful people are helping you and you’re not throwing out your back. (I admit, I can be a little bit a of a bear when I move, but I’m really trying to get better! I just moved apartments this month and I know I got a teeny, tiny bit grouchy.) 

PARKING GARAGES AFTER CONCERTS/SPORTING EVENTS. When someone is stuck in a parking lot/garage after a large sporting event, concert, etc., their claws come out. Everyone gets irritated. Everyone gets impatient. CALM DOWN. You will exit the parking lot at some point. Unfortunately it’s going to be another 45 minutes, so sit tight because you have no other choice. (Ask my brother, I will do almost ANYTHING to avoid a parking lot/garage for events like this. I hate feeling trapped! It’s all because of my high school parking lot.)

GROCERY STORE CHECKOUT. This one hits close to home as I was cashier for far too many years. People are ruthless at the checkout aisle! You’ve seen it! I know you have. They get worked up over $0.09. That’s it! Lady, why are you making a fuss over a can of corn? It’s a can of corn for crying out loud. Sure, take it out on the helpless cashier since they control all of the prices in the grocery store. 

Because blog posts without images or videos are boring, I decided to include a song that’s very fitting. Here’s “Step Off” by Kacey Musgraves which I’m very fond of. (BTW, I don’t own the rights to this video, the radio station and YouTube does.)

Tell me. When are you the worst version of yourself?


2 thoughts on “Three Situations Where People are the Worst Versions of Themselves

  1. I am the worst version of myself in traffic. Luckily most people don’t actually get to hear the things I’m yelling at them, so maybe that’s not as bad??? 🙂

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