Eight Things to Vent About

Here’s what I want to write (or vent) about but I’m afraid it’ll ruffle a few feathers….and I’m going to do it anyways. Don’t sue me.

1. Why does the world hate on millennials? I’m awesome. My friends and cousins are awesome. I’d like to meet the people who are giving millennials a bad wrap and knock some sense into them.

2. Why are student loans so out of control for my generation? I’ll bet you a McDonald’s Happy Meal loans weren’t as destructive for the generation before me, and it’ll all be better for the generation after me. Sweet.

3. Why do people take so many photos of their kids eating? I’m having pizza for lunch. Who wants to take a picture of me?

4. How do people think it’s okay to wear pajamas in public? What’s racing through their minds? How do they rationalize this decision? It’s not ok, unless your house is burning down and you had to escape. Then I’ll allow it.

5. Who ever thought shrimp-flavored Ramen Noodles would be a good idea? I’ve never tried it for fear of extreme disappointment. Shrimp should be left alone.

6. Why do people stand 85 feet away from the counter at Caribou and Starbucks? This isn’t a hospital. No coffee orders need to be kept private for confidentiality purposes. And hey, if you stand closer, you can actually read the menu. Ha!

7. For the 18th time, how can people hate cats?! (Allergies aside) They’re lovely and soft and so sweet…sometimes.

8. Why are people obsessed with justifying what they ate? I don’t care if you only had carrots and a banana for lunch. Eat the cookie and be quiet or don’t eat it at all.

Okay, that’s all my venting!!! I try to keep a positive presence online but sometimes my dark side comes out. I just have lots of questions. Is that so bad? Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!! I’m camping with friends so it’ll be a blast!


6 thoughts on “Eight Things to Vent About

  1. okay i just spazed out last night about student loans. After seeing a photo of 63 year old women who borrowed like $2ok, has paid back $37.5k, and still ows $47k!!!

    also COULD NOT agree more about the pajama pants thing- no excuse EVER (except for a fire or other act of God).

    love this post!

  2. I was in Wal-mart today (so the story I’m going to tell shouldn’t be too surprising) and there was this hipster looking guy in front of me who looked like he put some effort into his appearance…skinny jeans…beanie…and nasty dirty pink slippers. It didn’t make sense to me… Love this list! 🙂

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