A Message to My High School Self

I’ve been thinking lately and I just want to write a note to my high school self on here. Maybe it’s weird, maybe it’s not. Warning: This is going to be cheesy so if you don’t like cheese, get out. It’s from my heart.

Dear Jenna,

1. Don’t stick with certain friends because it’s easier. You’re going to switch friend groups. Twice. It’s going to sting, but I promise it’ll be worth it. You’ll know when you need to.

2. Don’t let people make you feel inferior based on superficial things. Such as what you’re wearing, what after-school things you choose to participate in, how tall you are, and so on.

3. Exercise regularly. Get into a routine so when you’re in college and out of college, getting on the workout train won’t kick you in the butt. It’ll already be a part of you.

4. Take Spanish class seriously. People who are fluent in a second language are cool people.

5. You’re not fat. I promise you, you’ll get bigger as you get older — and it won’t be when you’re 40 after kids. It’ll be like a few years from now. You’ll be gluten free for two years (doctor’s orders) and lose a ton of weight, and you still won’t be a single digit jean size. It’s how you are and it’s OK. Really.

6. Don’t put people in boxes. Your high school is huge, so don’t feed into that stereotype crap. People tend to put themselves in boxes. Break out of it. In college and when you work at camp, you’ll become friends with truly amazing people who you’d never cross paths with in high school. It’s amazing, and it’s the best thing for you.

7.  You will get asked to dances. Try not to not freak out so much about this. Also, don’t get caught up in “WHAT GROUP AM I GOING TO BE IN?!” You’re going to run into the rest of your friends at the dance, and you’ll take photos with everyone you need to. Just have fun.

8. Appreciate your family. Don’t snap at them because you’re stressed about Geography homework. It’s not their fault. They always support you and want what’s best for you. From here on out, you’ll have to pack a suitcase to go home. You won’t live there permanently again, which is a hard thing to swallow.

Oh, and spoiled brats don’t go away. Just get ready for that.



2 thoughts on “A Message to My High School Self

  1. AW I hope I’m one of those friends!!! 🙂 This isn’t that cheesy. Lawd, my list of advice to my high school self would be never ending.

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