What You Need to Try from Trader Joe’s

I’ve been hitting up Trader Joe’s pretty hard lately. I love how it’s a small-format store and doesn’t take me eight minutes to trek all the way back to the produce area if I forgot something on my list. I love their produce selection and lots of other things which is why I decided to share my favorite Trader Joe’s items with you. Here we go:

Frozen roasted vegetable pizza (no cheese) — You guys. This is amazing. I can eat pizza without getting an angry stomach ache and without sacrificing  great flavors. Try it at your house, add even more veggies and sprinkle a dash of red pepper flake.

Three-flavor layered humus — That’s right! The bottom layer is cilantro lime, next its regular humus (boo) and the top is roasted red pepper. It’s perfect for dipping pita chips, carrots and celery. I’m addicted. The “party style” tub of humus is tempting…but I don’t have a family of eight so I know that’d end up in the trash. And I can’t let TJ’s down like that.

5-lb bag of grapefruit — YUM. Do I need to say more? I’m turning into my grandpa and eating half a grapefruit most mornings. Come to think of it… I love the taste… and I love the smell in soaps and perfumes. (Remember Gap’s “So Pink” body spray from back in the day?!) I also love the bold color. I should find a grapefruit-colored dress! Maybe I’d be taking this grapefruit thing too far. Whatever.

Cage-free eggs — I like buying cage-free eggs there. Then I know I’m not making chickens uncomfortable at the expense of my obsession with scrambled eggs and omelets. I can pay one extra dollar to give the chickens a little wiggle room and a better quality of life.

ASPARAGUS — It’s really good. Drizzle that bundle with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic and bake it in the oven for a while.

Orange Juice carton (with calcium) — I’m not wild on orange juice. The pulp messes with my stomach and I can only have small quantities (don’t judge). I do love their orange juice with added calcium! Gotta squeeze that in whenever I can since I’m dairy-free. The pulp-to-juice ratio is spot on. (Tip: Do not offer me a mimosa. I will kindly refuse it and ask for a Bloody Mary. It’s not you, it’s me. Really.)

Okay, I’ll cool it here. I could go on and on but I’m not sure how much you’d like that. What do YOU like to buy at Trader Joe’s? Let’s hear it!


4 thoughts on “What You Need to Try from Trader Joe’s

  1. I love you more than you love Trader Joe’s. I don’t even know where a Trader Joe’s is in KC, so maybe I’ll just have to go with you the next time I come visit! 🙂

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