Five Things I’m Thankful For Today

1. It’s sunny out today! Which means my walk to work wasn’t wet and splashy (like yesterday).

2. It’s Friday and my weekend ahead isn’t jam-packed with activities, just a couple things I’m looking forward to! I know, I know. Who complains about being “too busy?” But you know what I mean. Sometimes a weekend doesn’t even feel refreshing when you have too many things going on.

3. My family. Because they’re awesome and I’ll get to see them lots this spring between grad parties, weddings and graduations. Heck yes.  

4. Mad Men. I’m plowing through Season 6 on Netflix right now. I love the fashion and drama and everything ’60s.

5. I’ve managed to spend zero $$ on coffee this week (so far). Not even boring gas station coffee! Remember my News Years resolution of spending less money on coffee?? Maybe I’ll go to a coffee shop to celebrate this weekend…

What are you thankful for today?


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