Music Has Something About It

wpid-7b339ed8d529e837db59fa04d36eb5e9.jpgHi. So you already know I’m obsessed with Miranda Lambert. And I have been since she opened for Keith Urban’s Days Go By Tour when I was 15. That concert was so amazing. From then on I was hooked and drawn to the adrenaline rush that  listening to live brings. (I believe your first concert will always have a special place in your heart.)

Anyways, whenever I’m in a transition time in my life, my go-to song is “New Strings” by Miranda Lambert. Or if feel like blasting music with the windows rolled down so I can sing my heart out shamelessly, I put this one on too. Not many songs have been in my top five for a long, long time like this one. I go through phases with fave songs as I get older and my tastes change (which is a really, really good thing! Looking at you Clay Aiken, yikes!). I’m sure your tastes have evolved over the years too!

Music has something about it that I just absolutely love. Isn’t it funny when you hear an old song, and it brings you back to an exact moment of your past? So, who was your first concert? What are songs or artists that you lean on?


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