The Best Buns

Buns are a great go-to hairstyle all year long. In the winter my hair is always full of static and sticking to my face, and in the summer my hair is really heavy and I want it off my neck. So, buns are the way to go! I don’t need to tell you this though. If your hair is longer than your chin, you catch my drift. I love a more formal bun for work (because I feel fancy and put together) and I love a messy bun for weekends and nights with friends.




loose bun


Sophia Bush

Well, there you have it! Have a great Saturday and wear a bun.


10 thoughts on “The Best Buns

  1. Great post! I wear buns all the time and they are so versatile!
    also, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! it recognizes up and coming bloggers and lets us all get to know each other better!
    the rules are in my latest post
    I hope you accept my nominated if you haven’t gotten any already!

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