Frizz is a Good Thing

So I’ve learned a lot about life just riding the elevator at work. It’s unbelievable what people will complain about. This morning a woman was all worked-up because her hair was frizzy. FRIZZY you guys. You know what that means?

If her hair is frizzy, it means there’s moisture in the air. When there’s moisture in the air, it means the temperature is above freezing. If the temperature is above freezing, it means SPRING IS HERE! I could kiss my computer screen I’m so happy. (Don’t worry, I’m too much of a germ freak to actually do that). Precipitation is falling and it’s not snow — what a beautiful thing! This lady’s hair has transitioned from five months of static to one day of frizz.

playing in a thunderstorm like five years ago

being hyper in a thunderstorm like five years ago

Welcome the frizz, sweetheart! It means warmer days ahead. It means we can just about whip out our polka-dot rain boots and wrinkly lemon-yellow raincoats.

For Lent this year I’m doing all sorts of self-developmental things for myself which I won’t bore you with. I am, however, making a concious effort to filter and rein in my complaints and negativity. It’s really hard, but it’s definitely helping me become a happier and more grateful person, which I love. Now I’m very self-aware of other peoples’ complaints. I can sense negativity everywhere now and it makes me wonder what the heck is wrong with people. Relax!

So for once, frizz is a good thing. And I welcome it.


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