7 Meatless Meal Ideas for Lent

You know what time of year it is? Lent! That’s right. If you’re a Catholic like me, you might be frantically rummaging through cookbooks and Pinterest to find appetizing, meatless meals for Fridays. Well, don’t sweat it! I’ve got a few menu options for you right here. There’s no reason for you to fall into a boring rut of eating grilled cheese with canned tomato soup, or greasy fish this Lent.

A few of my personal favorite vegetarian-friendly recipes:

Pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoes

pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoes and roasted asparagus

found on damndelicious.net

Cilantro-lime shrimp with green beans

found on stephaniezahlmann.blogspot.com

Mexican lasagna

Mexican lasagna

Other ideas I don’t have photos of:

  • Build-your-own homemade pizza: Load up personal pizzas with lots of veggies — peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic, diced tomatoes, basil — get creative!
  • Potato soup paired with crackers or garlic bread.
  • Spaghetti – Get saucy without meat! Throw in fancy spices or make your own sauce.
  • Order in Chinese: Hello? Vegetable low-mein, cream cheese wontons, endless fortune cookies (and tons of other good things you’ve never thought of trying because your go-to is chicken).

Do you have a favorite meatless meal? Let me know!


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