Happy Birthday to “The Man in Black”

Today would be Johnny Cash’s birthday if he were still alive. So I just want to shout… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!!”

Johnny Cash & June Carter

People always say they wished they lived in a different decade. Well, I can’t pick a decade because I love a lot of them for very different reasons, but I wish I could have lived in the Johnny Cash era. That era when people would scream their faces off because he was rolling into their town for a small-venue concert. I would have loved to see Johnny in concert, but I can still celebrate his b-day anyways!

romance // Johnny Cash

I don’t need to get into this now, but in my opinion, he transformed country music to make it be as we know it today. And for that I’ll forever be grateful! Now I’m just getting dramatic. It’s time for me to leave.

OK but really quickly before I go…my five favorite Johnny songs in no particular order.

  1. Ring of Fire
  2. Jackson (with June Carter)
  3. I Walk the Line
  4. Get Rhythm
  5. Folsom Prison Blues

Now I’m really leaving, and I’m probably going to watch “Walk the Line” this weekend. You should too!


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