The Best Part of the Weekend

Urban Bean // MinneapolisUrban Bean // Minneapolis

One of my favorite parts of the weekend has to be the afternoon. I usually devote my weekend afternoons to relaxing. Yesterday I spent an hour reading at Urban Bean, an excellent coffee shop in Minneapolis. I ordered an herbal tea — ruby lemon mint — and sipped it slowly as I read from my Kindle. I put my phone away, my laptop away and just read. I listened to people ordering their specialized coffee drinks, to people catching up with friends, to people walking in and out of the coffee shop as I read quietly.

Urban Bean // Minneapolis

Urban Bean // Minneapolis

By the way, I’m currently in the middle of “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg and I highly recommend it. If you are a working woman…this is a must-read! Seriously. 

Urban Bean // Minneapolis

Urban Bean // Minneapolis

Not to sound anti-social, but it was great to be “unplugged” from friends, family, pretty much everyone and everything for a little while. I think we as humans, now so heavily dependent on the internet and smartphones, need to remember to take a few minutes to slow down and spend time relaxing (and relaxing  in front of the TV does not count).

So, how do you like to spend your weekend afternoons?


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