My Decision to Get Healthy

Stay Motivated

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Remember a few months ago when I wrote a really lengthy heart-felt post about how I’m never going to take working out seriously? Well you won’t be believe this but…I joined the YMCA last week! You read it right. I joined a real-life gym! Not a claustrophobic-prone, mirror-obsessed wannabe gym that only offers cardio and weight lifting machines. (Clearly I’m hostile to those gyms because they didn’t work for me but that’s OK! Not every gym is going to work for everyone.)

The Y has tons of cardio machines with TV screens in each individual machine. THIS IS KEY. Then I can watch whatever the heck I want and my neck won’t be craned focusing on a small TV across the gym with boring shows on like sports (unless it’s the Vikings or Twins), the news or screechy reality TV like the Kardashians. No thanks. The great thing about the Y is that it has a pool and sauna, locker rooms and fitness classes. I’ll have lots of options to stay active and I won’t get bored. This means I’ll hopefully keep going after two months!

Anyways, you might be thinking, “Where did all of this motivation come from? How did she manage to do a complete 180 since January?” Well, after vacation I decided I needed to change something. I was feeling sluggish and tired all of the time. The meals I was cooking after work weren’t very impressive, nor were the lunches I was packing. My clothes (fun clothes and work clothes) were getting tighter and tighter. So that’s when I thought I’d do a five-day trial with Y and see how I felt after a few days of working out. Even after working out lightly on the elliptical a couple of times and attending two Zumba classes (where my butt got kicked, HARD), I already felt better!

Now I’m working out to get healthy. I’m working out to be confident and strong. 

I’m only on my second week of working out, but hopefully I can keep up the enthusiasm for exercising and experimenting with healthy out-of-my-comfort-zone recipes. I just wanted to bring you along for the journey.


6 thoughts on “My Decision to Get Healthy

  1. Yayyyy!!! I am so excited that you are doing this. Obviously I love the Y, it is seriously so much more than a gym. It helps make fitness part of your life and it’s NEVER boring. I can’t wait to talk about all of the classes you are taking!!

  2. You’re gonna do great, Jenna! And watching a TV show seriously makes the time fly by much faster. Also, keep posting your healthy recipes! I need some help in that department. 🙂

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