Three Grammy Red Carpet Trends to Steal

Last weekend when the Grammys were on, I saw a few beauty trends I knew I just had to write about. I didn’t catch the entire awards show (since I get really antsy after two hours), but I saw a good part of it. Anyways, enough about my TV habits, here are a few red carpet looks from I want to steal and attempt to pull off this year:

I do not own any of these photos. I’m borrowing all of them from


Miranda Lambert at the 2014 Grammy Awards,

I love Miranda Lambert’s Hollywood glam makeup look. Holy crap! She looks like a million dollars, literally. Let’s work on sporting bold red lipstick and loose retro curls to be just like her. And don’t forget the bright statement earrings.


Taylor Swift at the 2014 Grammy Awards,

Words cannot express how much I love Taylor’s dress. She looks mature and classy while still staying modest. Modesty always gets bonus points in my book. This reminds me I don’t have a gold or champagne-colored dress…that might be something I need to invest in this year.


Katy Perry at the 2014 Grammy Awards,

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Katy Perry’s bun is a little loud. But don’t let that distract you from checking out how stunning her makeup is. I love the light eye shadow paired with a soft pastel lip color. I think this makeup look would work well for spring or for a casual date night.

So there you have it! Those are my favorite looks from the Awards. What did you like the best?



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