It’s Always Sunny in San Diego

OK, maybe it’s not always sunny, but I had seven straight days of sunshine when I visited and that’s good enough in my book. I want to share a few family vacation photos with you from last week!

I found San Diego to be very charming. Maybe that’s because I traveled in January when I’m usually feeling a little blue post-holiday season and because of the chilly Midwest. Maybe it’s because I’ve never hit the West coast before. I don’t know, I just loved how the weather was warm–even hot by the end of the week–but not humid or heavy. The salty, sea breeze was real. The powdery sand was real. The coaster bikes with baskets and fat tires were real. For the record: I have one of these but it looks way more natural on the boardwalk.

Not only did I love the California beach scene, I loved the history there. We visited a few different neighborhoods and parts of town that had absolutely stunning and beautiful buildings. We’re talking Spanish-inspired buildings from the 1700 and 1800’s. I’m not going to give you a history lesson here because I don’t know exactly what went on back then, but I will tell you that San Diego is modern and trendy, accented with old buildings that give the city character. Yes, there was a TGIF restaurant, but it was tucked in a strip of established buildings so it didn’t scream “CHAIN RESTAURANT.”

So, I could keep going on and on but I’m not going to because I want to keep your attention.


This is me in front of the famous Hotel del Coronado. You might recognize this hotel from the popular Marilyn Monroe movie Some Like it Hot. I watched this movie again right before vacation so I was very excited to walk around and take an obnoxious number of photos.


Here we have Mission Beach (or Pacific Beach??) right on the Pacific Ocean. I’m actually not 100% sure what this beach is called, but it was located right across the street from our hotel. I spent a lot of time walking up and down this boardwalk with my family and checking out shops, restaurants and cafes all along the water. Usually the beach and boardwalk were packed with people, but I snapped this photo in the morning while most people were probably at work.


Now this photo is from La Jolla (Hoy-yah), California. It’s just north of San Diego. We watched the waves crash along the coast for a good couple hours. I loved walking along the rocky coast and taking in the breath-taking view. My dad was good sport and helped me hunt for starfish and coral but we didn’t have much luck. I could dedicate whole post to La Jolla. I just might.


This is Balboa Park. This is what I was trying to tell you before about the really, really old Spanish buildings. Look at the detail and the architecture! Maybe I’m a total nerd with this kind of stuff, but isn’t it beautiful? How do people do that centuries ago without fancy cranes and machinery? It blows my mind.


Here’s another photo from Balboa Park. Here we have the Botanical Garden. Isn’t it wild? I saw everything from ferns to plants to shrubs to flowers to trees to poinsettias–you name it! Lots of the plants had labels so you could see what it was called and what country it was from. My mom and I felt like we were on the set of Jurassic Park. I was waiting for a raptor to take me down.

Anyways, there you have it! A handful of photos I was dying to share. My poor Facebook and Instagram friends are probably sick of them already (sorry guys!) but I had to post them. Bloggers always share vacation photos, right?


2 thoughts on “It’s Always Sunny in San Diego

  1. How exciting! That was a much better trip than my bust of a trip to cold Florida! I have an idea….since we’ve both visited each other one year our meet up needs to be a little 3 day getaway someone fun! When we have enough mullah of course!

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