Let’s Live for Ourselves


I’m not going to get real personal here because I’m still sorta new to blogging and that freaks me out a bit. I will tell you that I’m in my twenties. I’ve heard that this time in my life is incredibly competitive and I believe it. Everyone is up to something–new jobs, wedding planning, grad schools, sweet apartments–and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in other people’s lives. This year, I’m going to ease up on my Facebook use because it’s becoming a platform where people only show off their life milestones (I’m guilty of this, too) and not so much a communication space anymore. “LOOK AT ME AND MY BOYFRIEND!” or “LOOK AT MY KID EATING MACARONI!”

So whoever you are reading this, maybe you’re in your 20s like me or maybe you’re 30, 40, 50 or more, but let’s just focus on ourselves this year and not get anxious thinking about what other people are doing. Let’s do what we want, when we want and not lose sight of that.


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