DIY Chevron Canvas

So since I’m a crafty girl and I’m under 50, it’s no surprise I love chevron. Ha. Last year I painted this chevron canvas but it failed. I didn’t paint a white base coat, so my painted lines bled a bit, even with painters tape. My end product didn’t have the clean, straight edges you see here, which was a huge bummer since I meticulously measured and masked the entire canvas.

(Don’t worry! This post will turn from a sob story to success story very shortly!)


Well, this week I finally got around to fixing up my canvas! I bought new white paint and carefully filled in the bleeding lines. It’s not absolutely stunning like the tutorial I followed (props to the original blogger, Jessica!), but I’m pretty happy with it. Now I have a cute and trendy decoration! I think I’ll set it out on my desk at work. Why not?

 I’m also going to fix up another failed wreath of mine. I’ll show you “before and after” pictures later this month. Well, that’s only if the “after” looks presentable. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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