Gearing Up for Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts over the Thanksgiving weekend. I took a break from most social media (besides Pinterest of course) and spent quality time with my family. It was great getting out of the office for a few days. A change of scenery is always good. I got to catch up (and laugh my head off) with family friends and high school friends–which was much needed. I see my college friends all the time, but I worry about losing touch with friends who live more than 10 miles away.

I decorated my parents’ house for Christmas over the weekend and last night my roommate and I decorated our apartment. Well, we started decorating our apartment with a few hand-me-down decorations. I bought few decorations after Christmas last year and I want to do that again this year. My roommate and I are going to pick up a real tree, lights and ornaments later this week! I’m super pumped. I haven’t had a real tree for Christmas since I was a little kid. Like since before double digits.

I’m also planning on making a few Christmas crafts. Yes. Christmas crafts. No, I’m not all talk. I’m actually going to do it! I’ll put my crafts on here. Just you wait.


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