Dealing with a TV Show Break Up

Warning: This post is really dramatic (shocking). It’s something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while so I felt like sharing. Happy reading!

Let’s be real here. I have a very difficult time giving up on shows. If I’ve dedicated myself to three-ish seasons of a show, I can’t just not polish off the rest of the series. It bothers me. I’ve already devoted so much of my time and energy into the characters, their lives, their outfits, their drama — quitting a show would be all for nothing. Throwing in the towel would be horrible.

But I’ve done it. I have thrown in the towel, once, and I regret it. I quit watching Grey’s Anatomy last year for various reasons (which I don’t need to go into detail because it makes me sound foolish and I need to look cool being this is my blog and all) and I wish I wouldn’t have. Every time I see commercials for Grey’s, my heart hurts a little. I miss it. But now I’m a season and a half behind and I don’t know how to catch up. Do I pick up where I left off? Should I just start from the beginning of that season and get angry and work through it? A better question, WHY DO I HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME BREAKING UP WITH SHOWS?


Let me get you up to speed here. I used to love Grey’s. I started watching it on TV from season one, every week for six (or seven?) years. None of this “Oh, I blew through the whole series on Netflix over the summer!!” but actual dying for Thursday nights for years and years. Heck, I couldn’t even drive legally when I started watching. I think that’s part of why this TV show break up has hit me a year later…Grey’s wasn’t just a TV show I got addicted to for a while, it was a part of me and my conversations with friends (especially once I went to college) for a long time.

I bring this up now because I’m at a crossroads with Gossip Girl. I’m almost to the end of season five and I want to quit. My heart isn’t in it anymore but there’s only one final season after this. I can’t just stop! Look what happened last time I quit. I also don’t want to waste my time with a show I’m not paying attention to…but what if it gets better? What if it’s a show I can do “housework” and multitask while it’s on? Why can’t I make up my mind here?

I guess we all have shows we love, right? Shows we’re obsessed with. For those of you who have broken up with your favorite show ever, how did you handle it? Did you pick it back up or just cut your ties all together?  Please don’t think I’m weird.


4 thoughts on “Dealing with a TV Show Break Up

  1. So the Gossip Girl breakup at season 5 wasn’t just me! I’ll say the same thing about that as I will about Grey’s: I hear they get better! When you have time, pick ’em back up.

    • I have one season left of GG so I think I will finish up watching that one…even though I’ve know who GG is. As far as Grey’s, my gut is telling me to swallow my pride and pick that one up where I left off. They need to stop killing people I love so dearly, then I wouldn’t get so pissed off. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I once “broke up” with Friday Night Lights because I was in denial about it ending and refused to watch the last season. 2 years later I felt like a traitor and watched it all in 2 days while uncontrollable sobbing. So basically I’m crazy. Right now I stubbornly not breaking up with HIMYM (even thought it sucks) because I feel like I committed too much time to just stop now. In other words… I got you on this one for sure.

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