The Truth about Thick Hair

So you know how everyone wants thick hair? Here’s what they don’t tell you:

1. When you get your haircut, multiple hairdressers will tell you that your hair is thicker than their dogs’. They’ll also complain about how much they’ll have to sweep after you leave, which I think is ridiculous because aren’t they required to sweep anyways? What’s an extra dust pan?

2. You will stretch out (or completely snap)  80 percent of the hairbands you use. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 5 uses out of a hairband before it’s worthless. You will be paranoid to ask your friends for a hairband because you know there’s no going back. Their hairband will never be the same again. You might as well throw it in the trash.

3. You will shed uncontrollably at all times. Let’s just say vacuuming can get weird.

4. You will find it incredibly difficult to shower in less than 10 minutes if you want to both shampoo and condition your hair. In-and-out showers aren’t possible unless you want patches of conditioner leftovers. What’s worse than running your fingers through your hair mid-day and finding a greasy conditioner patch? Nothing. It’s terrifying.

hey, it's high school me!

hey, it’s high school me!

5. You’ll find the “getting ready” process can get very tiring when it takes 10 minutes to blow dry plus 10-15 minutes to straighten. Did I mention that curling your hair isn’t possible for an everyday look? Then you should add another 30 minutes. “Oh honey, just curl a few pieces! You don’t have to cover every strand!” Umm… that’s not possible with thick hair. You gotta be all in or not even try. Otherwise it looks like you’ve taken a nap and half your hair will be crazy. So let’s say I did want to curl my hair, now the “getting ready” process is potentially stacked up to 50 minutes without even tackling makeup and an outfit selection. Are you kidding me? Of course I’m not going to curl my hair before work! I enjoy sleeping much more.

6. The summer can get really hot. I mean think about having a few extra pounds on your head just swarming you and sticking to your neck in the severe heat. You bet I’m going to wear my hair in a bun all summer. It’s that or be smothered.

What they also don’t tell you is that you can throw your hair back in a pony tail without a fuss. You will have volume. You can go wild with layers. Your hair will look full. Your hair won’t tangle very easily. You will never need a wig for Halloween since you can transform your hair into anything. Don’t get me wrong, these are all good things!

I don’t know what point I’m trying to make with this blog post. You’re probably thinking I’m ungrateful for my hair. I’m not, I like my hair. I just think there’s too much emphasis on hair. Hair is hair people! You can cut it, it’ll grow back. You can color it and then color it again. Just make the best of what you’ve got to work with. Sometimes I wish I had curly hair since my hair is super straight, but I’m sure someone with curly hair could write a whole blog post about the truth behind curly hair.

Like I said, hair is hair. Don’t get too wrapped up in everyone else’s hair. Just own it.


6 thoughts on “The Truth about Thick Hair

  1. Love your post. I can so identify! My two daughters and I have long, THICK curly hair. average blow dry time is 30 minutes. 1 full hour if we want to flat iron “properly”. don’t mention the giant bottles of shampoo and overstretched hair ties….

    • Hey! It’s refreshing to know someone out there understands me. Thick hair is a good problem to have but it can be a lot to keep up with, as you know with two daughters. Thank you for reading!

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