10 Honest Things About Me

I’m going to be selfish for a few lines and talk about myself because my “about me” section isn’t too spicy. Read on for random (and maybe pointless?) facts about me.

1. I sleep until 11 a.m. almost every weekend. I actually might be Sleeping Beauty except I have a nice mom, no golden hair and no prince. So maybe we really only have our ability to sleep relentlessly in common. I don’t consider myself lazy for sleeping in because I still get my stuff done…just not before 10 a.m. on weekends.

2. I have baby elf feet. You read it right. Elf feet. I wear a 6 or 6.5 shoe. When I’m shoe shopping, I usually always have to buy the “model shoe” on display which ruffles the feathers of sales associates everywhere. Lighten up!

3. I’m not a big online shopper. Don’t gasp! I’m picky when it comes to shopping and I like everything to be just right. There’s something about zipping up the perfect dress in a fitting room, and spinning around, and having that “A ha!!” moment, and wishing a Gap commercial was filming your face. I like to research online, but purchase in-store.

4. I have a giant family. Seriously, my dad’s side has 92 people (and counting) and my mom’s side has almost 30. You think I’m loud? Just imagine what Christmas and weddings are like for me. They’re the best, period.


5. I started drinking black coffee* when I was 15. Yes, the tender age of 15. Teens these days get into Caribou and Starbucks and call themselves “coffee drinkers.” Not to be a snob, but those fancy pants drinks (even though I do love them) aren’t authentic coffee. Sometimes when I sit in coffee shops I have this urge to slide these posers a mug of black coffee without sugar and creamer. I want to see them squirm and admit they’re punks.    

6. I’m 23 and I’m still obsessed with Disney. Seriously. No one is never too old for Disney. The songs, the princesses, the magic, everything can change your life.

7. I’ve loved crafts my whole life. Not since Pinterest kicked off and everyone and their sweet auntie started to like crafts. Not that I’m any good at crafts (I mess up all the time!!), I’m just letting you know my passion for crafts has been decades in the making. I went to Craft Camp for a couple of weeks in 5th grade and it rocked. So did my tie-dye shirts.

8. I’m loud. I don’t have the social cue everyone else seems to have for when it’s appropriate to be quiet and when it’s OK to be loud. Sometimes I think I’m talking softly but really I’m speaking at a normal volume. Remember when you were a kid and there was always “that girl” who laughed/talked too loud at sleep overs and always woke up the parents?? I was that girl…and still that girl sometimes. Booyah.

9. The only movies I own are chick flicks and Disney movies. I do love a good comedy and action movie every once in a while, but never scary movies. I hate them. I’ve seen my fair share of them so I’m allowed to say I hate them. People who’ve only seen one scary movie and say they hate them are wusses.

10. I have a sweet tooth that is out of control. It’s very aggressive and needs chocolate or some kind of candy everyday.

That’s all, folks! Thanks for reading.

*Gevalia’s flavored black coffee


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